When someone says time flies, I can literally relate to that. I’d just found it hard to believe that I have being happily “unemployed” for 11 long years. Why is it only now that this reality has finally sunk in? Well, it was just like very recently that I’ve left my job to be a full time homemaker taking care of my children. It is still so clearly in my mind that Amanda was only 8 and Amos 6 years old when I left my job as a senior manager in one of the big multinational companies.

This year (2011) has been a significant year for me. Amos was not even schooling yet in year 2000 when I left employment and now he has just completed his school life. Amanda was in Primary 2 and now second year of college, also an internet marketer. Starting next year (2012), I am going to miss the rush in getting them to school. I am going to miss all those reminders like “Have you taken your school bag?”, “How about your bread and water?”, “What time do I need to pick you up from school today?”, etc……………

Life is gonna wind down another notch for me and I may probably takes up something to fill the gap. Working as a volunteer in a charitable organization in the morning may be a good idea. We’ll see how it goes!

Looking back, I am very thankful to God for all the many blessings that came my way, allowing me to be where I am. I have the privilege of being part of my childrens childhood, growing up together with them. This is something not many fathers will get to experience. Today we are like good friends with very little father-children barriers. Their friends are also my friends and we could even share our little secrets sometimes. We joked, played and also fought together, and not forgetting playing practical pranks on April Fool’s Day which I have to prepare days ahead. We accepted each other as friends in our Facebook and we occasionally teased each other even though we are in the next room to each other.

Through them, I’ve gotten to know who is Lizzy McGuire, Kim Possible, Miley Cyrus, Totally Spies, Power Puff Girls, Samurai Jack, and many others. Basically Disney Channel became my favorite TV channel too. 🙂

If I am ever given a choice again, I would definitely choose the same path even though I may have to leave a great job behind. I have not even the slightest regret for doing that 11 years ago because no amount of money in the world could ever buy me that great moments in my life. So I am very thankful for everything. Seriously, I will have no second thoughts to exchange a tie with an apron. Oh! Did I mention apron? Well, I can cook too. Want to see some of those that I’ve cooked? See Amanda’s Blog.

Most people sees me as a full time internet marketer but I see myself as a homemaker instead. Simple reason: I spent almost my entire time as a homemaker being with my children, and very little on my online business as it has been running passively on auto-pilot for the last many years.

So if you are ever presented with a golden opportunity like mine, please grab it!

Happy Belated Thanksgiving Day!

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  1. Justin Yap says:

    Hi Alvin,

    It has been some time that we last met. Time does flies by real quick. I still remember the first class I’ve attended few years back, with some folks with the same goal of trying to get “unemployed” or I would say free up their life for more meaningful stuff.

    Some made it, some don’t, I am part of the people that still trying. Not everything will goes our way. There will always be stuff that drag you away from your goal. As long as we keep focus and trying. Your story encourages me to keep doing, harder and harder…

    Thanks for all the time and posts you have written. I will meet you all some day again.


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