So which comes first? Website content or SEO? Personally, I would place the importance of content over SEO. I do not mean any content but rather unique content as the search engines frown upon duplicates found in the internet. And content is important because that is the main reason why most visitors visit our websites in the first place. With content, we can also promote our website using article marketing which will contribute towards the SEO aspect in generating inbound links to improve our website page ranking.

I’ve personally worked (FOC of course) with more than a thousand people who tried to create content websites and found that almost everyone have the same problem, which is creating unique content for their sites. It is even made harder if one is not proficient in the “Kwai Low” language (in Cantonese it means English language) And of course one could actually engage ghost writers or copywriters to write content for them for a fee but to create lots of content would mean having to spend lots of money to do so, and not everyone could afford it. More so when we need to submit articles to those article directories for link buildings too.

Honestly, I do face similar problems because I was not born a writer (never was and never will). In school, essay writing was never my favorite subject (sorry, cannot reveal my score though). So to overcome the shortfalls, I’ve been using a software to assist me in creating content. This process is also known as content spinning. All I need is just to produce one article and then use the spinner to assist me in creating many more unique contents by doing a randomizing (note that I did not say words replacement). To compete in the internet effectively we have to work smart instead of working hard!

However, a word of caution. Not all content spinning software are the same. Most of these spinners are churning out nothing but spam content. Instead we need to use only quasi-automated content spinners that will enable us to actually rewrites the content easily by ourselves before allowing the content spinner to randomize those rewritings to create multiple unique versions of the same content in a much shorter time-frame, and not simply replacing words within a sentence.

Besides, do not just spin content and use it as it is. Most of the time, the articles could be badly spun and turned out to be a badly written article and we don’t want that to be used in our websites. Before any articles can be used, we need to re-edit them to correct whatever that needs to be corrected.

I have personally tried a few content spinning software previously but those that I’ve tried so far were actually software that do nothing but merely replacing words in the articles with thesaurus. By simply replacing word for word, the article could have deviated from its original meaning. Or worst,  it may even be grammatically wrong too. That would be akin to a butchering of human communication with crap articles which I am totally against. Unfortunately, this is usually what an automated spinner will produce…..crap and spammy articles.

Semi or quasi-automated spinners required us to manually re-write the articles first. Paragraphs by paragraphs or sentences by sentences before the process of randomizing takes place. What we are actually creating is more of a varieties of ways to express our writings, not simply replacing words only.

I know that there are always 2 schools of thoughts when it comes to content spinning. Some will be vehemently against it (cursing and swearing) while others will embrace it with great tender love. For me, I use it as a tool to assist me in creating content as well as to leverage on it to save time. I am running a small shop of a one-man show from my bedroom. So time is an essence. How you view it is entirely up to you.

So I am going to close the comment for this posting as I don’t have time to argue with anyone on whether it is good to use spinners or not. Its my blog, my business and its my opinion. Not everyone have to agree with me. I’ve survived full time on the internet for 10 long years (since 2000) and I love what I am doing.

In case if you’re wondering what spinner I am currently using, it is The Best Spinner. Unlike other spinners, this one utilizes a huge and massive database of synonyms built by thousands of other users. So I am not only leveraging on a software but also a great pool of more than 1.3 million synonyms created by many real people like myself to make my job easier.

If you’re interested to give it a spin, there is a 7 days trial for US$7. Check out The Best Spinner.

** Please note that the above is an affiliate link. If you buy from that link, the developer will actually pays me a 50% commission. However, since I have not created this blog with the intention of making any monies, all revenues made from this blog will be donated to the Hospice Centers in Penang.

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