Penang Shan Childrens Home

Entrance to Penang Shan Childrens Home

Last Sunday (3 Oct 2010) started just like another weekend for the boys and girls of the Shan Children’s Home in Mount Erskine. They knew someone was coming to visit them, probably 5~6 people like what they usually got. However, little did they know that more than 80 adults and children will be ‘invading’ their home with gifts, foods and loves. They were truly and pleasantly surprised, and that includes the home’s executive administrator, Dr Chandran as well. In fact, Dr Chandran called the next day and let us know that it was a history in Shan Children’s Home to have such a big crowd of visitors.

3 October 2010 was the day when members of PECC organized a gathering at the Shan Children’s Home. It all started when YB Sim Tze Tzin (Pantai Jerejak State Assemblyman) contributed RM3,000 for PECC, as an NGO to organize an event. A committee was immediately formed from volunteers within the PECC members. Planning took about 1.5 months, with numerous visits to the Home to inquire about their needs, requirements and wish list.

Building of Shan Children's Home

Side view of Penang Shan Children's Home

Shan Children’s Home is relatively a new orphanage of about 2 years, not widely known by the public. To continue with its operation, it requires the support from the general public and expenses could sometimes mounted up to more than RM8,000 a month. The home has 17 children, all of them from the Indian ethnicity, aged between 7 to 15. According to Dr Chandran, occasionally the Home has to go without water whenever it could not afford to pay for that month. And whenever the water meter man comes around to lock-up their main water tap, they would request and hope that the meter man would be compassionate enough to allow at least a slight trickle of water for the children to use. This is how financially strapped the Home is.

And because of this, PECC chose to organize this gathering in Shan Children’s Home. With YB Sim’s RM3,000, PECC members pooled together their resources and managed to raise approximately close to another RM4,000. Part of these collections were used to buy school uniforms, school shoes, stationary, educational DVDs, sanitary towels, talcum powder, book rack, foodstuffs, cleaning detergent, and many more items. The remainder of the cash collected was given directly to the Home for them to use as they deem appropriate.

Games for the children

Games prepared by the group from JCI E-Metro for the children

Although the gathering was only for 2 hours from 11 am to 1 pm, we managed to put in quite a lot of activities into it. We have the JCI E-Metro members helping us out with the games for the children of the Home as well as the children of our PECC members. All the children of the Home were declared winners and received a gift each. We could see their very happy faces.

The Shan children also presented a few songs to those who were presents that day. One of the highlight was a short tour and briefing by Dr Chandran for the children of our own PECC members. Part of the objectives of this gathering was also to provide an educational tour for our own children so that they will know how blessed they have been compared to those who have to stay in an orphanage. It was also intended to let them know that life isn’t always fair.

Meanwhile, we also have a guest (Mr Lim Hock Pin) who was kind enough to join us in sharing his skills in making many interesting shapes out of balloons for the children. The gathering ended with McDonald Happy Meals for the children and members. And everyone went home happy knowing that they have made a difference in the lives of those Shan children that day through their donations, time and participation.

In case if you would like to make a donation to the Home, you may send your cheque directly to them at:

Penang Shan Children’s Home Association

679-D, Jalan Mount Erskine, Tanjong Tokong, 10470 Penang, Malaysia.

Tel: +604-229 2186 / Email:

Tan Seng Keat presenting gifts to Dr Chandran

Tan Seng Keat representing YB Sim Tze Tzin in handling the gifts to Dr Chandran

Boys and Girls from Shan Children's Home

The happy boys and girls from the Shan Children's Home

Shan Children presenting songs to the PECC members

The Shan's Children presenting songs to the PECC members

Some of the PECC members listening to Dr Chandran

Some of the PECC members listening to Dr Chandran sharing about Shans Home

Children with their gifts after the games

The happy children with their gifts after the games

Games winners

The winners of the games

Children playing games

The children playing games organized by JCI E-Metro members

Lim Hock Pin showing how to making shapes from balloons

Lim Hock Pin teaching how to making shapes from balloons

Seng Keat presenting gifts to some of the winners

Seng Keat presenting gifts to some of the winners

Alvin presenting gifts to the games winner

Yours truly presenting gift to one of the games winner. Actually everyone was a winner that day

Dr Chandran sharing with the PECC members

Dr Chandran sharing with PECC members on the vision and goal of the home.

Gifts from PECC members

Some of the gifts donated by PECC members

Short tour of the Shan Home

Dr Chandran conducting a short tour of Shan's Home for PECC members and their children.

PECC members in one of the dorms

Dr Chandran briefing in one of the dorms.

The girls having their McDonald Fish Fillet

The girls enjoying their McDonald Fish Fillet with ribena.

The boys having their meal

The boys having their meal of fish fillet burger.

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30 Comments on Penang Shan Children’s Home

  1. oonhooi says:

    hi, would like to know how do i join the PECC?

  2. Alvin Cheong says:

    Hi Oonhooi,

    You can contact me at alvincheong[at]gmail[dot]com

  3. […] got to know about the Shan Children’s Home through Alvin of PECC a few months back.  Thinking of getting the kids a book each for Christmas, we went […]

  4. yee jean says:

    hi there,

    Still need any help?

  5. Alvin Cheong says:

    Yee Jean,

    Currently our project for Shan Children’s Home is completed. If you are interested to help them, I am sure they will be very happy with it. You can contact Dr Chandran who is the home administrator.

  6. Selvi says:

    hi afternoon,

    last saturday (02/07/2011) my company organized a charity trip to penang shan home from 11 morning till 1 noon. though it was a short trip, i enjoyed myself with the childrens there. i snap photos , mingled with them. to be very frank i haven’t been to children’s home before..i eagerly wants to meet them again..
    do you have facebook account for me to join in..

  7. Alvin Cheong says:

    Hi Selvi,

    Glad that you’ve enjoyed your visit to the Penang Shan Home. For their facebook, I am not sure if they have one. Couldn’t find it when searching in Facebook itself. Maybe you can email and ask them at


  8. Juliet says:

    would like to volunteer my services in tutoring de children esp. the young ones. or any other services needed. Am available only on Saturday mornings. How do I go about it. How do I join PECC. What is involved in PECC.

  9. Alvin Cheong says:


    You may want to contact Shan’s Home to see which area that you could help them. You can call the home directly for Dr Chandran who is the home’s administrator. The contact is in my posting above. In PECC, we do training mainly for adults.

  10. Alwynia says:


    I would like to volunteer my services (ex. tutoring/babysitting/programme for kids or any other service needed.

    How can i join? Anyone that i can contact and talk to?
    Hope to hear from you soon.


  11. Alvin Cheong says:


    You can contact Mr Chandran at the Home directly to see if there are anything you could assist them. The contact details are at my posting above.

  12. Muthukanan says:

    How do i contact DR.Chandran? Any of you guys have his h/p number.

  13. Seaw says:

    Hi Alvin,

    We did some shooting in Shan Children’s Home with Dr Chandran & Dr Bala last year. Here is the video link:

    In the video, Dr Chandran (Principle of Shan Children’s Home, Penang) & Dr Bala (Chairman of Shan Children’s Home) talked about how the home is founded and how they manage the home. They also share about the visions and goals of the home. Dr Chandran also bring us around the home for a short tour and show us the environment how the children growing up.

  14. Izabela says:

    my namie is Izabela.I live in Europe.
    I am the sales manager in a big pharmaceutical company.
    I am moving to Penang in March and starting to work there.
    I would like to become your volunteer in my free time. If you will need my help please do not hesitate to contact me on my email address. With kind regards, Izabela

  15. Mrs Tay says:

    Hi, I have a number of old clothes which I would like to give away. Just curious if it’s possible for me to donate it to the children home? If it’s possible how do I go about it?

  16. jaya says:

    sir / madam,
    i am jaya from kedah.
    i would like to donate some traditional indian clothes mainly for girls.
    i need the orphanage’s current address to send the parcel.

  17. Alvin Cheong says:

    Shan’s address is as below:

    679-D, Jalan Mount Erskine
    Tanjong Tokong
    10470 Penang
    Tel: +604-229 2186

    I would suggest that you give Dr Chandran (Home Administrator) a call first at the number above. Please don’t use email as their email has been hacked recently.

  18. TRACY says:


    If i would like to bake some muffin to children on this coming weekend 10.08.2013 or 11.08.2013. Can i know how much i need to prepare?

    Please contact me.

  19. Alvin Cheong says:

    Hi Tracy,

    Thanks for leaving a comment here and your kind thoughts for the children in Shan’s Home. For the numbers, it is better for you to contact Dr Chandran directly as he is the home’s administrator and would be able to provide you with the exact numbers. His mobile phone no. is 016-412 7711 or 04-229 2186 (Shan’s Home Office)

    I am very sure that the children would be very happy to see you this weekend. God Bless You!


  20. Lovely says:

    Good Day!
    Recently just got work in Penang, I am from Johor.
    I wanna be a volunteer to take care the kids on my spare time.
    Do you have other outlet here in Butterworth?
    I really do wanna be help the kids. I am graduate of Care-giver…
    Have a lovely day!

  21. Sharine says:

    I would like to know about adoption
    Any possible for me & my husband to adopt a child
    What kind of procedure for adopting child
    Can we choose only Chinese


  22. Noeleen says:

    I am coming over to Penang next week and was wondering if we could bring school supplies, clothes and toys for the children. Would this be possible for us to help in some way?

  23. Alvin Cheong says:


    Yes, it would definitely be of help to the home especially with the school supplies. You can contact Dr Chandran who is the home administrator to let him know that you are going to visit them. He can be contacted at 016-412 7711 (cellphone) or 04-229 2186 (office). Thanks for supporting the home. The children will be very happy to see you.


  24. Alison Willams says:

    I am living in Penang for 15 months and would love to volunteer at the orphanage. I have 26 years of experience working in the child care industry in the US. I love children and want to do something productive with my time while I am over here in this country. Please respond if you think there would be a position available for me to help out. Thank you for your time.

  25. Alvin Cheong says:

    Hi Alison,

    You can contact Dr Chandran who is the home’s administrator at 016-412 7711 (cellphone). He would be in a better position to advise you on any position available in the home. Alternatively, you could also call Shan’s Home at 04-229 2186.


  26. Kaiming says:

    Hi, a good day to you. I am a dietetics student from USM kubang kerian. My friend and I are required to participate in community service, as a part of our programme requirement. We are planning to contribute our service at Penang Shan children’s home However, we need to confirm the number of children of the children’s home before we proceed with the necessary paper work as the minimum number of children at the children’s home at which we conduct community service should be 60, as required by our school. May I therefore ask for your kind assistance to confirm the number of children at Penang Shan Children’s Home. Thank you in advance for your time and assistance.

  27. Alvin Cheong says:

    Hi Kai Ming,

    I would suggest that you contact Dr Chandran to get the required info. His cellphone is 016-412 7711. Since he is the home’s administrator, he should be able to assist you better.

  28. Kim says:

    We would like to visit the children home during the Chinese new year, What would you like us to bring for the children?
    Hope to hear from you soon,

  29. Alvin Cheong says:

    Hi Kim,

    Best that you contact Dr Chandran to get the required info. His cellphone is 016-412 7711. Since he is the home’s administrator, he should be able to let you know better on what are the current needs of the children. Thanks for planning to visit them. I believe your presence will surely brings a lot of joy to them.

  30. Kim says:

    Thanks Alvin
    Could I have his email address easy for me to contact him.

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