Hmmm...looks more like a press conference than lunch gathering.

Chinese New Year is the best time to get in touch with friends. Time when most people will return to their old “nest”. This year as usual, I have managed to get the guys to hang out for lunch at Tao Cuisine, Egate Penang on the 2nd day of CNY (15/2/10). Though our current contact list still has 38 names of very old friends we have known for 40 years, since the day we were in standard 1 (primary school), only 12 managed to meet up this year. Now what happened to the rest? 🙁

Annual lunch like this is very meaningful to us because we have known each other for 4 decades. And how many people actually still have the privilege of being able to keep in touch with their old childhood friends. I’ve known these people for nearly 85% of my lifetime. Other than my own family, I just couldn’t think of anyone else whom I’ve known longer than them. And not just a few, but 38 of them (almost the entire class) still in contact with each other either via emails, phones, or sometimes bumping into each other. So far, this is the 4th year that we had our annual lunch together, and I only hope that we will continue to meet in the many years to come.

(L-R) Alan Tham, Michael Tham, Boo Keat, Alvin, Chong Jin, Say Soon

(L-R) Eric Cheah, Sian Eong, Dennis Chan, Gim Seng, Adam Tang

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2 Comments on 2010 CNY Reunion Lunch with friends of 4 decades

  1. Yip Yew Ming says:

    Hi Alvin,

    Bumped into your site while searching for some old friends.

    We were classmate in 4Sc1. I’ve been in PJ for almost all my working life and only go back to Penang once in a while. Can we catch up?

    My mobile is 0122238042


  2. Alvin Cheong says:

    Hi Yew Ming,

    Yes, I can definitely remember you. In fact I can still remember how you look too during our school days. Give me a tinkle when you’re back in Penang. I will email you my contact.

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