PECC conducted the 1st session of the free Internet Savvy Program for our senior folks last Friday (8 Jan 2010) and 36 participants attended. The most senior was a 76 year old member. This only proves that senior citizens are not interested in technology like the internet is not true. Given an opportunity, they will be more than willing to make an effort to come and learn. 80% of them came without an email and when they left 1.5 hours later, everyone went back with one.

We are also grateful that we have many volunteers on hand to assist. Our PECC members never failed to come forward when there is a need to educate the community. This is the first of the 12 sessions program designed specially for the senior folks to ensure that they are not being left behind in this internet age.

PECC Internet Savvy Program for the senior citizens

PECC Internet Savvy Program for the senior citizens

PECC Internet Savvy Program for the senior citizens

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5 Comments on Internet Savvy Program for the Senior Citizens

  1. chunf says:

    Hi there, i am very interested in all the comunity program you run, and i am interested to be a volunteer too, is it possible?

  2. md nazan says:

    I came to know about the program recently . it attracted me so much. Please tell me how to join it.

  3. Alvin Cheong says:


    Currently we are temporarily not running the internet savvy program for senior citizens due to the lack of manpower/volunteers. We are only doing the free internet marketing program at the moment.

  4. Rosanne says:

    Hi, Mr Alvin, long time no see. Are you still teaching at PECC? Can we have the schedule of the PECC activities? Thank you very much

  5. Alvin Cheong says:

    Rosanne, yes we are still doing the training in PECC.

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