If you’re currently using twitter, there is now Twivert program which you could use to monetize it.

Twivert, is a Twitter based advertisement network built for the famous social network twitter.com to benefit both advertisers and twitterers. Twivert is a platform that brings together quality twitterers, who want to monetize their twitter accounts and advertisers, who are looking for an internet marketing tool to increase the exposure of their services, products or business at a low cost.

The program is easy and flexible when it comes to advertisements using tweeter. You can choose to either have the ads tweeted directly into your twitter account or to tweet only those ads that you have approved. You get paid based on the number of followers you have (CPF). And that means the more followers you have, the more you will get paid for every tweet published by you. There are also ads which pay based on CPC, which mean you will get paid when someone clicks on a link tweeted out by you.

The sign-up process is relatively easy and once you have achieved US$30, you could request for a payout via Paypal which is currently the only option supported. Payout requests are usually processed within 7 working days from when the request was received. Besides, there is also a referral program for referring your friends. For referring advertisers, your account will be credited with US$5 when the advertiser signs up and spends the first US$30. And for referring other twitterers, you will be credited with US$5 when the twitterer reaches and got a payout of their first US$30 that they have earned.

What is interesting is that there is the auto tweeting feature when appropriate ad tweets are automatically posted at certain intervals of time on your behalf. However, there is a maximum of 4 ad tweets which may be tweeted per day. This feature can be disabled if you don’t feel comfortable about not having control over what ads have been tweeted into your account.

If you have Twitter tweets integrated with your Facebook, MySpace or other social networks, FriendFeed or your own blogs where you have your tweets automatically fed and displayed there, the ads will also be shown and you will be paid if the ads are clicked on.

Canceling a twivert account is as easy as signing up. Just navigate to the Account-Manage section to  cancel it.

There are two opinions to Twitter advertising networks, either you like the concept of making money using ads through tweeting or you can abhors sponsored tweets. What’s your choice?

You can sign up for Twivert here.

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