I received an email from Rosanne Saw yesterday inviting me to attend the JCI Malaysia Business Networking Event (BNE) held today (27/6/09) at the Tanjung Bungah Beach Hotel. She is the organizing person and she wanted to have someone who is an internet marketer to participate. Honestly, I don’t really know what to expect because I have never attended a JCI business networking event before. Anyway curiosity takes a better control of me that I’d agreed to attend.

BNE is supposed to be a networking session based on the speed dating concept where it allows the participants  to be able to interact with many entrepreneurs in a very short time. All these quality and result oriented business contacts with the other professionals are done in a fast paced of within 2 hours.

While at the event, met our Penang’s former Chief Minister, Tun Dr Lim Chong Eu who gave a short speech. One thing I’ve noticed is that majority of the participants are young people who are in the MLM business. During the session, everyone was supposed to introduce their business to the other person but unfortunately, I was the odd one out as I don’t have a product to push. As an internet marketer, I don’t need people to sell my products for me offline as I sell everything on the internet. So my “mission” was slightly different in the sense that I was actually sourcing for a unique and niche product instead.

Approximately 80% of the people I’ve spoken to doesn’t know much about internet marketing. People are so offline and missing out on the benefits of selling their products on the internet. Perhaps, JCI Malaysia needs to organize a talk on internet marketing to their members in the future.

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  1. Hi Alvin..
    stumbled upon your website.
    impressed by what you hv done.

    That is my goal too..setup a center to educate underpriviledge on internet marketing.
    need to teach ppl how to fish instead of give them fish.
    then hopefully we will have less need for charity.

    Agreed by what you said about JCI BNE event.
    But when I organised it in yr 2011 during my VP Business year in JCI Petaling Jaya…we actually have a variety of ppl from different background.
    It is up to the organiser to control the number of attendees from each profession.

    Anyway..we did conducted a talk on Internet Marketing Adventures of Malaysian Entrepreneurs in year 2011.

    If you happen to come to kl, perhaps we could arrange a meetup.


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