I have bought this domain name for a few years and have never thought of doing anything about it until recently. Just too busy doing nothing. Yes, you’ve read it correctly.

Discipline is my greatest challenge today because I am a full time internet entrepreneur since 2001 working from my home, in the car, in my children’s school, in the park or practically anywhere I could get the wireless internet connection on my Celcom 3.5G. Actually working is an understatement because I don’t actually do anything other than surfing the net for info, check my email, Facebook, and of course playing computer games. Morning on weekdays are especially boring when Cindy has gone to work and the 2 children are in school. And I always look forward to the time when they are all back at home. And to ensure that I am not cut-off from the real world, doing community work is the best option.

I am a very strong advocate of community service, believing that to have a great community, it always starts with us as an individual. Conducting free internet marketing session for the community is my passion. I loves to teach. And what better ways to do it other than to teach something that the community could actually benefit from it. I am not an internet guru, just an internet entrepreneur, a simple average Joe on the street just like everyone else. I do not make millions but more than an average wage earners, minus the stress and doggy life of an employee.

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